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Imet H601 Bandsaw

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Introducing the H601 Bandsaw

The H601 Bandsaw is a versatile and efficient double column bandsaw designed for controlled descent cutting. Ideal for cutting pipes, bars, and solid materials, this machine performs precise angled cuts up to 45° to the right and 60° to the left.

Key Features:
  • Working Area: The H601 Bandsaw features a wide working area that fully supports the material while cutting. The plate is supported by a central pivot with preloaded bearings.
  • Graduated Scale: The worktable has a system with cutting grades reported on the plate, allowing for the highest precision and accuracy while setting the cutting angle.
  • Steel Sawframe: The sawframe is rigid, electrowelded, and tubular to provide maximum stability. The saw moves on large-size columns through two recirculating ballscrew linear guides, with very high blade tension (2000kg/cm²) for increased cutting performance.
  • 6° Blade Inclination: Ensures high efficiency and cutting performance, even on large sections. The inclination eases material penetration, helping to avoid vibration, binding, or slowdown.
  • Blocking Vice: Includes a hydraulic blocking vice that slides on a chromed bar with 260mm height closing jaws.
  • Material Detection Device: An innovative mechanical material detection device automatically sets the first cut point for easy fast approach of the saw blade to the material.
  • End-Cut Point: Equipped with a control micro-switch on the mobile blade guide for automatic detection of the end-cut point.
  • Horizontal Supporting Roll: A supplementary support roll on the loading side provides better support for the material, even on larger sizes. Includes predisposition for a roller table.
  • Panel Control: The mobile panel control gives the operator full control of the cutting process, allowing for easy setting of all main working parameters through an intuitive interface.
  • Variable Blade Speed: Equipped with an electronic inverter (ESC) for variable speed, making it suitable for cutting different materials.

Technical Specifications

Specification Details
Cutting capacity at 90° Round: 510mm, Square: 450mm, Rectangular: 610x440mm
Cutting capacity at 45° Round: 440mm, Square: 440mm, Rectangular: 440x450mm
Cutting capacity at 60° Round: 260mm, Square: 260mm, Rectangular: 250x450mm
Cutting capacity at 90° with bundle Max 600x250mm, Min 150x50mm
Cutting capacity at 90° solid (C45) 280mm (350mm with 41mm blade and 4KW motored)
Blade size 5320x34x1.1mm
Maximum opening of the vice 620mm
Blade inclination
Blade motor 3Kw
Blade speed 15÷110
Working plate height 820mm
Hydraulic unit tank capacity 20l
Coolant tank capacity 60l
Machine size 1500x2850x2170mm
Weight 1700kg
High performance (Optional) It’s possible to improve machine and cutting performances by applying the 4KW supplementary motor reducer for 41mm blade and hydraulic tensioning.
Cutting angle view (Optional) It’s available as an optional the LCD display to view the set cutting angle.
Minimal lubrication system (Optional) It is possible to require, for all Imet machines, the minimal lubrication system. It avoids the dispersion of refrigerant liquid typical in the use of emulsifiable oil, the life of the blade is not in any way affected.
Laser ray (Optional) The laser ray allows optimizing the cutting process by indicating the cutting line that will be executed.
Bundle cutting device (Optional) Hydraulic bundle cutting device for H 601. Maximum cutting capacity is 600x250mm, minimum capacity is 150x50mm.
Connection element for unloading side (Optional) Connection element between roller table and machine for unloading side.
Loading/unloading roller table (Optional) Roller table compatible with both loading and unloading table with 1 leg, maximum capacity 1500kg, length 1.5m.
Motorized roller table for loading side (Optional) Loading motorized roller table with chain transmission and motor reducer managed by inverter with keyboard. Sizes Available: -3m; capacity 3000kg, RTR3KS600C -6m; capacity 6000kg, RTR6KS600C -9m; capacity 9000kg, RTR9KS600C -12m; capacity 12000kg, RTR12KS600C.
Motorized roller table unloading side (Optional) Unloading motorized roller table with chain transmission and motor reducer managed by inverter with keyboard. Sizes Available: -3m; capacity 3000kg, RTR3KS600S -6m; capacity 6000kg, RTR6KS600S -9m; capacity 9000kg, RTR9KS600S -12m; capacity 12000kg, RTR12KS600S.
Digital reading length stop with manual positioning (Optional) Digital reading length stop with manual positioning. Automatic slowdown sensors available only with RTR. Sizes Available: -3m: RL3S -6m: RL6S -9m: RL9S -12m: RL12S.
CNC motorized measurement (Optional) CNC motorized measurement with fast approaching for automatic slowdown of the piece (only with RTR). Sizes Available: -RR6S, measurement length 6m -RR9S, measurement length 9m -RR12S, measurement length 12m.
Pair of vertical rollers (Optional) Pair of vertical containment rollers in steel, max 2 pairs every 1.5m.
Vertical roller (Optional) Single vertical roller with 250mm to prevent falls while moving the piece. Max 2 each 1.5m.

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Additonal Upgrades

Optional Roller Tables

Motorised length stop roller table

Digital reading roller table

Motorised roller table for loading side

*Excluding measuring stop.

CNC motorised measurement

Digital reading length stop with manual positioning

Duo/Single Vertical Rollers