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Imet XS 1250 Bandsaw

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Introducing the XS 1250

The XS 1250 is a semi-automatic bandsaw designed for industrial applications, suitable for cutting large dimension profiles and solids of special steels with vertical descent and straight cuts. It is the perfect tool for supporting big format pieces, thanks to its wide working area and 7 motorized integrated rollers.
Key Features:
  • Steel and Big Size Structure Sawframe: Built with strong electrowelded steel with double section and significant thickness to avoid vibrations and noise while working. The sawframe movement is provided by recirculating ballscrews with two brushless electric motors, ensuring high cutting performance while saving blade life. The pulleys have a 1300 mm diameter with a tubular electrowelded structure, hardened at 55 HRC.
  • Wide Working Area with Motorized Rollers: Designed to cut big size solid materials with a wide working area supporting large volume pieces. It features 10 electric motorized rolls managed by an inverter; 7 rolls support the material before the blade, while 3 are placed after the band. This system is crucial when cutting hard or special steels, allowing the blade to ascend without scratching the cut piece.
  • Vice: Hydraulic material locking vice that slides horizontally on the working table using recirculating ballscrews, ensuring precise material clamping and perfect positioning of the piece. Jaws height: 700mm.
  • Blade Alignment: The blade guides have hard metal pads and include cemented, hardened, rectified lateral rolls with easy regulation. The blade guide is automatically kept close to the cutting area.
  • Hydraulic Unit: Provides low noise level and constant working pressure. The unit activates only for vices, hydraulic blade guides, and blade tension device movements, with automatic pressure adjustment and energy-saving features.
  • Tensioning System: Adjustable based on material, provided by a 180mm diameter hydraulic cylinder. The machine software checks and maintains perfect tension, automatically releasing the band when not in use and stopping the cutting process if breakage is detected.
  • Chip Conveyor System: Features an external chip conveyor with electric movement and a tank to collect residuals and coolant liquid (250l), ensuring clean cutting parts.

Technical Specifications

Specification Details
Cutting Capacity at 0° Round: 1250mm, Square: 1250mm, Rectangular: 1250x1250mm
Blade Motor Power 18kW
Blade Speed 14-80 m/min
Blade Size 12450x80mm
Blade Tension 3500kg/cm²
Canted Blade
Working Table Height 760mm
Hydraulic Unit Motor Power 3kW
Hydraulic Unit Tank Capacity 80L
Coolant Tank Capacity 220L
Weight 13000kg
Dimensions 5960x2890x4000mm
  • Minimal Lubrification (Optional): A system with 2 nozzles and a 3-litre tank capacity, preventing coolant liquid dispersion without affecting blade life.
  • Blade Deviation Control (Optional): Ensures perfect blade alignment and automatically detects and stops the cutting process in case of breakage.
  • Laser Ray (Optional): Helps in material positioning by projecting a laser line to indicate the exact cutting point.
  • Loading/Unloading Roller Table (Optional): Features free rolls, compatible with the measurement system, and available in 2m modules.
  • Roller Table Preset for Motorisation (Optional): Includes chain transmission and pinions for motorised roller tables.
  • Motorisation System (Optional): Recommended for motorised roller tables every 6m length.

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