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Imet Xsmart 3 Bandsaw

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Introducing the XSMART 3

The XSMART 3 is an automatic double column bandsaw designed for straight cuts, fully managed by a CNC with a 7″ touch screen display. Its user-friendly interface and robust build make it an ideal tool for professional environments and mechanical workshops.

Key Features:
  • 7″ Touch Screen Display: The XSMART3 features an intuitive 7″ touch screen display, allowing full control over machine parameters and settings. The CNC system optimises user experience and workflow with just a few clicks, making it perfect for industrial applications.
  • Sawframe: The electrowelded rigid structure on a double column reduces vibrations and binding during descent. The 30° canted blade minimises strain and ensures optimal performance on all materials, profiles, and solids.
  • Feeder with Roller Table: The feeder has a single stroke of 500mm with an integrated roller table for material support. It moves using a recirculating screw and electric motor with an inverter, making material movement and loading easier.
  • Full Stroke Vice: Hydraulic full stroke vice locks material with jaws placed both before and after the cutting line.
  • Blade Cleaning: Equipped with a mechanical cleaning brush with nylon fibres to remove residues while cutting.
  • Washing Gun: Standard on all Premium Line and Maxi Line automatic bandsaws, it keeps the working area clean and free of residuals.
  • Blade Guide: Hard metal blade guides with bearings ensure optimal blade alignment during cutting. The mobile blade guide is automatically positioned next to the cutting point.
  • Chips Conveyor: Helps remove material remnants during operation.
  • Bonfiglioli Motor-Reducer: Ensures the highest reliability and functionality.

Technical Specifications

Specification Details
Cutting Capacity at 0° Round: 310mm, Square: 310mm, Rectangular: 340x310mm
Cutting Capacity at 0° with Solids (C45) 250mm
Cutting Capacity with Bundle Cutting Max. 340x250mm, Min. 130x10mm, Scrap-end: 280mm
Minimum Cutting Length 15mm
Blade Size 3730x34x1.1mm
Canted Blade
Blade Motor 3KW
Feeder Length 500mm
Feeder Motor Power 0.75KW
Minimum Scrap-end 90mm
Blade Speed 15-100 m/min
Hydraulic Unit Motor Power 0.75KW
Hydraulic Unit Tank Capacity 20L
Coolant Tank Capacity 50L
Size – Weight – Working Area Height 1950x1755x1965mm – 1650kg – 920mm
  • Industry 4.0 Ready – SAWFACTORY (Optional): Allows remote management of the cutting process, including setting cutting programs and monitoring workflow via a dedicated web app.
  • Minimal Lubrication System (Optional): Prevents coolant liquid dispersion with a 1.3L tank capacity, ensuring blade longevity.
  • Pressure Regulation (Optional): Adds two supplementary pressure reducers to regulate the machine’s vices for cutting shorter lengths.
  • Laser Ray (Optional): Optimises the working process by indicating the cutting line.
  • Deluxe Kit (Optional): Enhances user experience with a blade deviation control system, smart start system, and sawframe descent speed view.
  • Bundle Cutting Device (Optional): Hydraulic device for bundle cutting with maximum capacity 340x250mm and minimum capacity 130x10mm.
  • Connection Element for Loading Side (Optional): Connects the machine to the loading roller table.
  • Loading/Unloading Roller Table – First Element (Optional): 2m length roller table with free rolls.
  • Loading/Unloading Roller Table – Next Elements (Optional): Additional 2m length roller tables with free rolls.
  • Pair of Vertical Roller Table (Optional): 400mm height steel vertical containment rollers, max 2 pairs per 2m roller table.

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