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Tronzadoras MG TL 400 A Aluminium Saw

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Introducing the TL-400 A

The TL-400 A is an automatic mitre cutting-off machine designed for aluminium, PVC, and light metals. Featuring a Ø400 TCT ascending blade saw, it ensures precision and efficiency for industrial applications.

Key Features:
  • Three Phase Motor: Equipped with a powerful 3 Hp motor for reliable performance.
  • 400Ø Tungsten Carbide TCT Saw: Includes a high-quality saw blade for precise cutting.
  • Adjustable Angles: Lockable degrees at 45°, 90°, -45°, -60°, and intermediate angles for versatile cutting options.
  • Pneumatic Clamps: Two vertical and horizontal clamps for secure material handling.
  • Automatic Cooling System: Air-oil cooling nozzle for optimal blade performance.
  • Adjustable Cutting Speed: Allows for customised cutting speeds to match specific material requirements.
  • Chips Collector Box: Integrated system for easy debris management.
  • Adjustable Legs: Ensures stability and adaptability to different working environments.
  • Movable Back Turret: Provides additional cutting capacity at 90°.
  • Automatic Saw Lift: Enhances safety and ease of operation.

Technical Specifications

Specification Details
Motor 3 Hp
Saw Blade Diameter 400 mm
Blade Speed 3000 rpm
Saw Blade Axis Diameter 50 mm
Max. Cutting Height 130 mm
Working Height 970 mm
Dimensions 900x1000x1480 mm
Weight 380 Kg
Cutting Capacity at 90° Round: 135 mm, Square: 110 mm, Rectangular: 250×85 mm
Cutting Capacity at 45° Round: 115 mm, Square: 100 mm, Rectangular: 160×70 mm
Average Air Consumption per Cycle 4 litres
  • Automatic Hood (Open-Close): Enhances safety and efficiency with automatic hood operation.
  • Cutting Laser Line: Provides precise cutting line indication for improved accuracy.
  • Angle LCD Display (Encoder): Digital angle display for easy and precise angle adjustments.

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