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Tronzadoras MG TL 500 A Aluminium Saw

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Introducing the Mecal SW 553 Argus

The Mecal SW 553 Argus is an advanced double mitre saw designed for precision cutting of aluminium and light alloys. It is equipped with modern features and robust construction, making it ideal for both industrial applications and demanding production environments.

Key Features:
  • Electro-Welded Sheet Base: The base is designed to offer maximum rigidity and practical use, ensuring stability and precision during cutting operations.
  • Frontal and Radial Blade Feed: Features adjustable speed settings for both frontal and radial blade feed, enhancing cutting accuracy and efficiency.
  • Hydro-Pneumatic Blade Feed: Utilizes a hydro-pneumatic system for smooth and controlled blade movement.
  • Wide Cutting Capacity: Equipped with Ø 500 mm sawblades, offering a wide range of cutting capabilities.
  • Dynamic Protection Guards: Provides total coverage of the cutting area, ensuring operator safety.
  • Mist Spray Lubrication Tools: Includes a Venturi system for effective lubrication and cooling of the cutting area.
  • Exhaust Extractor Connection: Pre-arranged for easy connection to an exhaust extractor for swarf removal.
  • Motorized Belt Conveyor Connection: Pre-arranged for connection to a motorized belt conveyor, streamlining the material handling process.

Technical Specifications

Specification Details
Angles Preselected for Positioning 90° – 45° – 22.5°
Diametre of the Sawblade 500 mm
Sawblade Bore 30 mm
Speed of the Rotating Tool 2800 rpm
Maximum Useful Cutting Length 4000 / 5000 / 6000 mm
Power of the Motor 2.2 kW
Height of the Machine ± 1600 mm
  • Automatic Hood (Open-Close): Provides enhanced safety by automatically covering the cutting area.
  • Cutting Laser Line: Projects a laser line for precise marking of the cutting path.
  • Angle LCD Display (Encoder): Offers digital readout for accurate angle settings.

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