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Tronzadoras MG TLG 352 Manual Aluminium Saw

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Introducing the TLG-352-M

The TLG-352-M is a precision mitre saw designed for high-accuracy cutting of aluminium, PVC, and light metals. This saw is equipped with advanced features to ensure reliable performance and ease of use in various industrial applications.
Key Features:
  • Precision Cutting: The TLG-352-M includes a 350Ø Tungsten Carbide (TCT) blade for precise cuts.
  • Manual Blade Lift: Features a manual lift for the saw blade, allowing for controlled and accurate positioning.
  • Fixed Angle Locks: Lockable at 45º, 90º, and -45º with additional intermediate angles for versatile cutting options.
  • Movable Back Turret: Allows for larger cutting dimensions with an additional 130mm capacity.
  • Vertical Manual Clamps: Ensures secure holding of materials during cutting.
  • Manual Lubrication: Provides manual lubrication to maintain blade efficiency and longevity.

Technical Specifications

Specification Details
Motor Power 2 Hp
Blade Diameter 350 mm
Blade Speed 3000 rpm
Blade Axis Diameter 32 mm
Max. Cutting Height 125 mm
Working Height 970 mm
Dimensions 870x710x1435 mm
Weight 180 Kg
  • Vertical and Horizontal Pneumatic Clamps (Optional): Provides additional clamping force for various cutting tasks.

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