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Genisis A Series Thicknessers

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Introducing The A-Series Thickness Planer

The A-Series Thickness Planer is designed for precision and efficiency in woodworking applications. With features tailored for professional use, this machine ensures high-quality results for various thicknessing tasks.

Key Features:
  • Motorised Thickness Bed: Two-speed motorised raise and lower of the thickness bed for precise adjustments.
  • Digital Controller: Automatic setting of thickness via a digital controller for accurate measurements.
  • Robust Feed System: Includes one grooved infeed roller and two steel outfeed rollers for smooth material handling.
  • Advanced Electronics: Automatic star/delta switching and electromagnetic brake for operational efficiency and safety.
  • Variable Feed Speed: Electronically controlled feed speed ranging from 4 to 19 m/min.
  • High-Quality Cutter Block: Four-knife cutter block and a four-point locking system for the thickness bed.
Why Choose the A-Series Thickness Planer?

The A-Series Thickness Planer is designed for reliable and efficient woodworking with minimal maintenance. Its robust construction, user-friendly features, and high performance make it an ideal choice for professional woodworking applications.


Technical Specifications:
Cutter Block Diameter (mm)120120150
Number of Cutters444
Length of Cutter Block (mm)550650820
Speed of Cutter Block (n/min)480048004800
Max. Height of Thicknessing (mm)300300300
Max. Width of Thicknessing (mm)530630800
Max. Removal Thicknessing (mm)777
Main Motor Power (kW)5.57.511
Motor Power of Feeding (kW)
Feeding Speed (m/min)4-194-194-19
Length of Worktable (mm)120012001200
Machine Dimensions (mm)1250 x 1050 x 12221250 x 1150 x 12221250 x 1320 x 1222
Weight (kg)102011601380


Optional Accessories:
  • Tersa Cutterblock: Enhanced cutting precision.
  • Increased Motor Power: For heavier workloads.
  • Sectional Infeed Roller: Improved material handling.
  • Rollers in Thickness Bed: For smoother operations.


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