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Genisis X3 Plus Panel Saw

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Introducing the Genesis X3 Plus Panel Saw

The Genesis X3 Plus Panel Saw is engineered for precision and efficiency in woodworking applications. Designed for small to medium-sized workshops, this advanced machine ensures high-quality results for various cutting tasks, providing smooth and accurate panel processing.

Key Features:
  • High Precision: Ensures accurate cutting for all your woodworking needs.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for various materials, including wood, plastics, and composites.
  • Robust Construction: Built with high-quality materials for durability and long-lasting performance.
  • Advanced Control System: Features a user-friendly interface for seamless operation and precise control.
  • Efficient Dust Extraction: Keeps the workspace clean and free of debris.
Why Choose the Genesis X3 Plus Panel Saw?

The Genesis X3 Plus Panel Saw stands out for its reliability, efficiency, and high performance, making it an essential tool for professional woodworking shops. Its robust construction and user-friendly features ensure that your projects are completed with precision and ease.


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Additional information

Cutting Length/Width/Height:

3300 mm/3200 mm/80 mm

Saw Blade Diameter:

350 mm

Scoring Blade Diameter:

180 mm

Main Motor Power:

7.5 kW

Scoring Motor Power:

1.1 kW

Table Size:

3800 x 2200 mm

Max Cutting Speed:

40 m/min

Machine Dimensions:

5000 x 3500 x 1800 mm


1800 Kg

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