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Imet KS 450 Bandsaw

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Introducing the KS 450

The KS 450 is a versatile and efficient band saw designed for precise and efficient cutting in metal structural work. It performs cuts at various angles with ease and high precision.

Key Features:
  • Vice and Material Positioning: The opening vice measures 460mm, sliding transversally on the work surface with linear guides, locking, and rapid approach. It is complete with a standard pressure reducer.
  • Working Table: The working table height is 845mm, integral with the arc and passage of the blade, ensuring material stability at all angles.
  • Graduated Scale: Features a graduated scale for better cutting precision, with automatic stops at 0° and 45° (right and left).
  • Steel Sawframe: Equipped with a rigid welded steel tubular section arc and 360mm pulleys, ensuring stability.
  • Inclinated Blade: The blade is inclined at 6° to facilitate penetration into the material and improve cutting efficiency.
  • Bimetallic Blade: The blade size is 4250x34x1.1mm with a tension of 2000kg/cm². It has an inverter speed variator for speeds between 18-100 m/min.
  • Material Detection Device: Automatically detects the cutting start and end points for better efficiency.
  • Blade Cleaning: Equipped with a motorized nylon cleaning brush for the blade.
  • Control Console: Mobile control console with control LEDs for various parameters and cutting modes.
Why Choose the KS 450?

The KS 450 offers reliable and efficient cutting performance for various materials. Its robust construction, user-friendly features, and precise control make it an essential tool for professional workshops.

Technical Specifications

Specification Details
Cutting Capacity at 0° Round: 255mm, Square: 240mm, Rectangular: 300x180mm
Cutting Capacity at 45° Left Round: 210mm, Square: 190mm, Rectangular: 200x160mm
Cutting Capacity at 60° Left Round: 135mm, Square: 110mm, Rectangular: 130x100mm
Blade Dimensions 2765x27x0.9mm
Blade Speed 35-70 m/min
Blade Speed with Inverter Variator 18-100 m/min
Blade Motor 1.5/1.8 KW
Blade Motor with ESC Speed Variator 1.5 KW
Height of the Work Surface 940mm
Dimensions 900x1700x1860mm
Weight 308kg
  • Inverter Speed Variator (Optional): Speed variator for band saw blade with inverter. Speed: 18-110 m/min
  • Minimal Lubrication System (Optional): Minimal lubrication system to cancel the dispersion of coolant typical in the use of emulsifiable oil. The life of the blade is in no way affected.
  • Synchronization Adapter (Optional): Synchronization adapter between RTD, RTP, and bow movement.
  • Pneumatic Vice (Optional): Pneumatic vice with opening and closing controlled by the bow.
Available Roller Tables:
  • Connection for Loading Roller Table (Optional): Connection element for loading roller table with 1 roller.
  • Connection for Unloading Roller Table (Optional): Connection element for unloading roller table with 1 roller.
  • Loading / Unloading Roller Table – First Element (Optional): Roller table compatible for both the loading surface and the unloading side. 1st element, length 2m, capacity 700kg.
  • Loading / Unloading Roller Table – Following Element (Optional): Roller table compatible for both the loading side and the unloading side, following element, length 2m, capacity 600kg.
  • Unloading Roller Table with Millimeter Rod – First Element (Optional): 1st element for unloading roller table with millimeter rod and measuring stop, length 2m, capacity 700kg.
  • Unloading Roller Table with Millimeter Rod – Following Element (Optional): Following element for unloading roller table with millimeter rod and length stop, length 2m, capacity 600kg.
  • Unloading Roller Table with Displayed Measuring System (Optional): Unloading roller table with visualized measuring system and manual positioning. Measurement length 2m, capacity 700kg (RTD2LW30); Measurement length 4m, capacity 1300kg (RTD4LW30); Measurement length 6m, capacity 1900kg (RTD6LW30).
  • Unloading Table with Motorized Length Stop (Optional): Unloading table with motorized length stop and selection of the lengths by means of a keyboard. Measurement length 3m, capacity 1300kg (RTP3W30); Measurement length 6m, capacity 1900kg (RTP6W30); Measurement length 9m, capacity 2700kg (RTP9W30).
  • Containment Vertical Rollers (Optional): Pair of containment vertical rollers 300mm, made in steel, max 2 pairs for each element 2m long, to use without rollers cover (only for RTS).

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Motorised roller table for loading side

Digital reading roller table

Motorised length stop roller table

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CNC motorised measurement

Duo/Single Vertical Rollers

Digital reading length stop with manual positioning