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Imet Ktech 502 F2000 Bandsaw

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Introducing the Imet KTECH 502 F2000

The KTECH 502 F2000 is an automated twin column cutting centre ideal for producing mitred and straight cut pieces, frame production, fencing elements, commercial vehicle components, and general production. The sawblade is uniquely inclined at the end of the cut, making it ideal for cutting square sectional material and flat plate. This feature greatly increases blade life, reduces cut times, and minimizes the load on machine components.
Key Features:
  • 10″ touch screen display: KTECH 502 has an easy and intuitive interface dedicated to optimizing user experience. The CNC system and 10″ touch screen display allow the user to manage all machine functions, set up 99 cutting programs, multiple cutting lengths on the same bar, and blade speed. It also enables auto-diagnostic error detection.
  • Create a program for edge cut: Users can create a cutting program via the touch screen for edge cuts. The AUTO menu allows the user to input settings for blade and feeder speed, report technical drawing data, and layout measurements to achieve the desired cut.
  • Expulsion system: The operator can set the automatic expulsion of cut pieces in three ways: no expulsion, expulsion only for trim-cut, and expulsion for all cut pieces. The expulsion length can be set from machine parameters.
  • Feeder as length stop: The feeder can be used as a length stop in semi-automatic cycles, allowing the bar to be loaded from the unloading side. The feeder vice is completely closed to serve as a length stop.
  • 4 controlled axes: KTECH line automatic bandsaws feature an innovative 4-axis system (lateral movement and closing of the vice, material feeding, and sawframe rotation) managed by numeric control. All machine movements and settings can be controlled via the touch screen display.
  • Rigid sawframe with tubular section: The electrowelded sawframe structure has a rigid design and substantial thickness to reduce vibrations, binding, and slowing during the cutting process, saving blade life and ensuring durability.
  • Sawframe rotation: Automatic sawframe rotation is managed by a motor reducer and inverter, with a hydraulic piston locking the bow in place. An air-cleaning system keeps the rotation area clean.
  • Blade: Equipped with an electronic inverter, the blade speed range is expanded (18-100 m/min) to optimize cutting across various materials. The blade has high tension (2000kg/cm2) for efficient cutting without strain.
  • Material detection system: A mechanical material detection system automatically detects the first point, enabling the bow’s fast approach to the material. The end-cutting process is managed by a microswitch on the mobile blade guides.
  • Feeder: The machine features a 2000mm feeder with an integrated roller table. Movement is managed by a touch screen interface and a brushless BMH 2.5 N-m motor. Minimal scrap-end is 250mm, with a minimum cutting length of 10mm.
  • High cutting precision: Automatic control of piece size is achieved via an infinitesimal encoder and automatic correction of cutting lengths. An innovative angle measurement system ensures high positioning accuracy and cutting precision.
  • Minimal lubrication system: A standard feature to avoid coolant dispersion, keeping the working area clean and maintaining machine efficiency. It operates with an automatic switch, 2 nozzles, and a 1.3L tank capacity.
  • Washing gun: Equipped with a washing gun for cleaning the working area and removing residues, ensuring high machine efficiency.
Why Choose the KTECH 502 F2000?
The KTECH 502 F2000 is ideal for professional workshops requiring precise and efficient cutting of large sections. Its robust construction and advanced features make it a reliable choice for demanding production environments.

Technical Specifications

Specification Details
Cutting capacity at 90° Round: 500mm, Square: 450mm, Rectangular: 620x300mm
Cutting capacity at 45° (left/right) Round: 500mm, Square: 450mm, Rectangular: 620x300mm
Cutting capacity at 60° (left/right) Round: 320mm, Square: 280mm, Rectangular: 350x280mm
Cutting capacity with bundle device Max: 500x250mm, Min: 130x20mm
Scrap-end 250mm
Blade size 6320x41x1.3mm
Blade tension 2000kg/cm2
Blade speed 18-100 m/min
Blade motor power 5.5KW
Feeder length 2000mm with automatic repetition
Minimum scrap-end 250mm
Cutting length 6-9.999mm
Feeder motor power Brushless BMH 2.5 N-m motor
Size – Weight 5750x3500x2750mm (h 850mm), 4200kg
  • Blade deviation control: It allows always having a cutting process with the right tolerance. It’s possible to set the preferred tolerance based on the needs for a specific material or cutting angle (maximum tolerance: 0.2mm).
  • Bundle cutting device: Hydraulic bundle cutting device with a maximum cutting capacity of 500x250mm and a minimum capacity of 130x20mm. Minimum scrap-end with bundle cutting is 200mm. Mitre cutting is possible by disassembling the pressure device.
  • Laser ray: A special laser ray can be required to point the cutting line on the material before starting to operate.
  • Industry 4.0 Ready – SAWFACTORY: IMET automatic machines can be connected to the company network and be used remotely thanks to SAWFACTORY and modem. SAWFACTORY is a dedicated software that allows managing the cutting process from the office desk by setting cutting programs and monitoring the workflow through a dedicated web app. It also allows receiving assistance from our technicians remotely. Discover SAWFACTORY:
  • Industry 4.0 Ready – OneLoad for MES: This kit allows loading from the company office/MES to the machine software a cutting list/program to optimize the internal workflow while avoiding possible mistakes made by the machine operator. Requires an FTP server on the same LAN where both SAWprogram software and cutting program are installed.
  • Industry 4.0 Ready – RealTime for MES: This kit allows sending real-time information from the machine to the MES about machine status, cut pieces situation, and automatic cycle progression. Connection is provided via a Web service made available by the user on their own LAN.
  • Marking system: Available for KTECH 502-652 models, the automatic ink marking system impresses a code on cut pieces to ease material selection after the cut. The marking system works before the cut and its programming is integrated with the machine CNC, but it’s equipped with its own independent touch screen display.
  • Sawframe downfeed with ballscrew: Available upon request, the sawframe downfeed descent by ballscrew and servomotor allows access to the automatic parameters system and internal material library. The option includes the controlled movement of the blade guide and the possibility to control the unloading device.
  • Metal protection barriers: According to CE law, it’s available the protection safety system made by metallic barriers that cover the machine on all four sides with CNC managed access doors.
  • Safety photocells: Instead of a full metallic barriers protection system, a pair of photocells can be installed.
  • Loading/unloading roller table: Loading and unloading roller table. The module is composed of a 1.5m element with 1 leg and 1500kg maximum capacity. A connection element is also available to adapt it to the machine for the unloading side.
  • Additional foot for roller tables: Additional foot kit to fix the roller tables to the ground once positioned.
  • Vertical rolls: Pair of vertical containment rolls made of steel. Max 2 pairs every 1.5 element.
  • Single vertical roller: Single vertical roll to prevent falls. Height 300mm. Max 2 pairs for each 1.5m element.
  • Automatic loading system: Automatic bar loader driven by the saw control software, consisting of supporting surfaces with a drag chain and loading stations (from 5 to 15). The feeder system is driven by the software of the saw to which it is connected.
  • Automatic unloading system: Customized material unloading system with bar warehouse based on customer requests and needs.

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