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Imet Sirio Automatic Cold Saw

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Introducing the Imet Sirio 370 AF-E

The Imet Sirio 370 AF-E is a professional automatic vertical miter saw with vertical control. It cuts at 0° to 45° right in the semi-automatic cycle and from 0° to 60° left in the automatic cycle. The vertical descent blade allows cutting high-strength steels, stainless steel, and light alloys when equipped with ESC.
Key Features:
  • Rigid Vertical Structure: High structural stability reduces vibrations and movements during cutting. The cast iron structure provides a large contact surface between the machine head and the structure, ensuring solidity.
  • Electronic Control: All functions can be controlled from the control panel, including setting the length and number of cuts, positioning the blade, and adjusting the disc rotation speed.
  • Cutting Length Settings: Manual positioner with digital reading and decimal nonius for maximum positioning precision.
  • Feeder: Mounted on a floating plate to accommodate bars that are not perfectly straight. Operated by a pneumatic cylinder, the feeder vice opens 200mm with a single stroke maximum of 520mm.
  • Frontal Vice: Rapid traverse movement, pneumatic sliding, and quick positioning and locking are standard features.
  • Blade Cleaning: Nylon brush keeps the blade clean without damaging the cutting edge.
Why Choose the Imet Sirio 370 AF-E?
The Imet Sirio 370 AF-E is designed for precision and efficiency, making it ideal for professional workshops and demanding production environments. Its robust construction and advanced features ensure reliable performance and high-quality cuts.

Technical Specifications

Technical Information Imet Sirio 370 AF-E
Cutting Capacity at 0° Round: 120mm
Square: 100mm
Rectangular: 180x100mm
Cutting Capacity at 45° Left Round: 120mm
Square: 100mm
Rectangular: 130x100mm
Cutting Capacity at 45° Right Round: 105mm
Square: 100mm
Rectangular: 130x100mm
Cutting Capacity at 60° Left Round: 110mm
Square: 90mm
Rectangular: 90x100mm
Cutting Capacity at 0° (for solids) 40mm
Blade Size Diameter: 370mm
Hole: 40mm
Blade Speed 15/30 rpm
Double Blade Speed 30/60 rpm
Blade Speed with ESC Inverter 15/70 rpm
Blade Speed x2 with ESC Inverter 30/140 rpm
Blade Motor Power 1.5/2.2 KW
Feeder Length 520mm
Minimum Cut in Automatic Cycle 15mm
Minimum Diameter Cut in Section 5mm
Scrap-End 170mm
Working Table Height 925mm
Dimensions 1900x1450x2100mm
Weight 710kg
  • ESC Variable Speed (Optional): Inverter speed variator to expand the range of materials compatible with SIRIO AF-E. Speeds range from 15/30 rpm to 30/140 rpm with the variator.
  • Minimal Lubrication System (Optional): Reduces coolant dispersion and enhances blade life. Equipped with a 1.3L tank and nozzle.
  • V Jaws (Optional): Two pairs of cast iron V jaws for fitting bundles and round bars (max diameter 85 mm).
  • Blade (Optional): Compatible blade size 370x3x40 mm.
  • Connection for Roller Table (Optional): Facilitates the connection between the machine and loading/unloading table.
  • Loading/Unloading Roller Tables 1st Unit (Optional): 2m length, loading capacity 700kg.
  • Loading/Unloading Roller Tables Following Unit (Optional): 2m length, loading capacity 600kg.
  • V Rollers (Optional): Pairs of V rollers for tubes, max 6 pairs per 2m element. Used on machines with V jaws.
  • Vertical Rollers (Optional): Pairs of containment vertical rollers 300mm made of steel, max 2 pairs per 2m element.

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