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Mecal SW553 Plug Double Mitre Saw

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Introducing the Mecal SW 553 Argus Double Mitre Saw

The Mecal SW 553 Argus is a high-performance double mitre saw designed for precision cutting of aluminium profiles. With a robust design and advanced features, this saw is ideal for demanding industrial applications, ensuring accurate and efficient cutting processes.

Key Features:
  • Industrial Touch Screen: Equipped with a 10.0″ or 15.0″ industrial touch screen, allowing for easy control and adjustment of cutting parameters.
  • Hydro-Pneumatic Blade Feed: Provides smooth and controlled blade movement for precise cuts.
  • Frontal and Radial Blade Feed: Adjustable speed and depth settings for versatile cutting applications.
  • Pneumatic Tilting: Heads can be tilted pneumatically to preselected angles (135°, 90°, 45°, or 22.5°) for flexible cutting operations.
  • Dynamic Protection Guards: Ensures complete coverage of the cutting area, enhancing operator safety.
  • Mist Spray Lubrication: Features a Venturi system for effective lubrication, reducing heat and wear on the blades.
  • Exhaust Extractor and Conveyor Integration: Pre-arranged for connecting an exhaust extractor and a motorised belt conveyor for efficient swarf management.

Technical Specifications

Specification Details
Angles Preselected for Cutting Devices 90°, 45°, 22.5°
Diameter of the Sawblade 550 mm
Sawblade Bore 30 mm
Speed of the Rotating Tool 2800 rpm
Maximum Useful Cutting Length 4000 mm / 5000 mm / 6000 mm
Power of the Motor 3.0 kW (x 2)
Height of the Machine ± 1600 mm
  • Automatic Lubrication System (Optional): Ensures consistent lubrication of the blades for smoother cuts and longer blade life.
  • Conveyor System (Optional): Motorised belt conveyor for efficient removal of swarf and debris.
  • Safety Enclosure (Optional): Full enclosure for enhanced operator safety, reducing noise and exposure to moving parts.
  • Custom Length Options (Optional): Available in cutting lengths of 4000 mm, 5000 mm, and 6000 mm to suit various production needs.

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