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Imet XS 900 Bandsaw

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Introducing the XS 900

The XS 900 is a large-scale, industrial semi-automatic bandsaw, perfect for cutting large dimension profiles and solids of special steels with vertical descent and straight cut. Designed for industrial applications, it features a wide working area with 7 motorised integrated rollers, ensuring high loading capacity and precise material positioning.
Key Features:
  • Steel Sawframe: The XS 900 features a robust, electrowelded sawframe structure that slides on linear guides, enhancing stability, efficiency, and performance during cuts.
  • Rigid Structure: The machine’s basement is electrowelded with thick sections to avoid vibration, binding, and noise, improving cutting performance.
  • Bow Movement and Blade: Managed by electric vectorial motors with a control display that detects and reports errors, stops, or anomalies.
  • Wide Working Area: Includes 7 motorised rolls and a hydraulic vice, ensuring high loading capacity and accurate material positioning.
  • Blade Guides: Equipped with hard metal pads, cemented, hardened, and rectified lateral rolls for easy regulation and optimal blade alignment.
  • Blade Tension: Managed by a hydraulic cylinder, the system automatically releases tension when not in use, extending blade life.
  • Chip Conveyor: Facilitates the expulsion of residues, keeping the working area clean and efficient.
  • First Cut Point Memory System: Optimises the cutting process and workflow by memorising the first cut point.

Technical Specifications

Specification XS 900
Cutting Capacity at 0° Round: 900mm, Square: 900mm, Rectangular: 900x900mm
Blade Motor Power 11KW
Blade Speed 14 to 60 m/min
Blade Size 9300x67mm
Blade Tension 3000kg/cm²
Canted Blade
Hydraulic Unit Motor Power 3KW
Hydraulic Unit Tank Capacity 80l
Coolant Tank Capacity 220l
Weight 8450kg
Size 4485x1680x3150mm
Working Table Height 790mm
  • Minimal Lubrification (Optional): A system with 2 nozzles and a 3-litre tank capacity, preventing coolant liquid dispersion without affecting blade life.
  • Blade Deviation Control (Optional): Ensures perfect blade alignment and automatically detects and stops the cutting process in case of breakage.
  • Laser Ray (Optional): Helps in material positioning by projecting a laser line to indicate the exact cutting point.
  • Loading/Unloading Roller Table (Optional): Features free rolls, compatible with the measurement system, and available in 2m modules.
  • Roller Table Preset for Motorisation (Optional): Includes chain transmission and pinions for motorised roller tables.
  • Motorisation System (Optional): Recommended for motorised roller tables every 6m length.

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Additional information

Cutting capacity (0°)

Round: 900mm Square: 900mm Rectangular: 900x900mm

Blade Motor


Blade Speed

Da 14 a 60 m/min

Blade Size


Blade Tension


Canted Blade



Working Table Height