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MAGGI BEST960 Radial Arm Saw

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Introducing the MAGGI BEST 960 Radial Arm Saw

The MAGGI BEST 960 Radial Arm Saw is a versatile and reliable tool, perfect for small workshops and a useful complement to panel saws. With over 30,000 machines manufactured and more than fifty years of experience, MAGGI delivers 100% made-in-Italy machines that adhere to the highest quality standards through the “Lean” manufacturing process.

Key Features:
  • Small footprint: well-suited for small workshops
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile
  • A useful complement to panel saws
Technical Features:

The radial-arm saw facilitates straight (90°) cross-cutting, ripping, and bevel cutting at 45° left and right. The cutting unit moves along the arm on guides and ball bearings, and both the blade tilting and mechanical locking system are manual. The pillar group is cast-iron, fixed on a sturdy frame and steel legs, with an MDF working bench. Manufactured according to EC standards.

Standard Equipment:
  • Automatic return-spring
  • Self-braking motor
  • Electrical system with motor-overload protection and emergency button
  • Sound-insulated steel blade guard
  • Push-sticks for ripping
  • Well-dimensioned rear hood for dust collector connection
  • MDF working bench
  • Lockable switch
  • Recyclable cardboard box packaging
  • Blade not included

The swivelling arm up to 45° left and right and left tilting cutting-head (stop and lock at 45°) allow many different cutting operations for the greatest versatility. The cutting-head can also turn by 90° for accurate ripping.


The sound-insulated, full-cover blade guard with safety microswitch, anti-kickback, well-dimensioned working bench, emergency button, and push-sticks definitively contribute to operator safety during the cutting process.

Solid and Accurate:

Constructed with a rugged steel frame, cast-iron arm and base, and interchangeable tempered-steel guides. The cutting head slides on 8 ball bearings for a smooth, precise, and effortless carriage movement.

Medium-Duty, Professional:

Well-dimensioned machine, best suited to cut heavy wooden boards and panels. Max. cutting width up to 865 mm.


Available Addons

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  • Laser Guide (CODE: 25416203): Displays the line to be cut on the panel for a more accurate cutting process.
  • Independent Idle-Roller Table 500×1500 mm (CODE: 27304100): Facilitates handling of large panels. Adjustable height from 770 to 1175 mm, max capacity 45 Kg/m. Can be installed on both sides of the machine.
  • Saw Blade 400 x 3,8 (3) x 30 mm / Z 60 (CODE: 00015104): Cast-iron blade, suitable for cutting solid wood, multi-layers, and MDF.
  • Front Lifting Handle (CODE: 25600175): Makes the adjustment of the cutting height quicker and more comfortable; available only for BEST and BEST “S” models and included in the standard equipment of BEST 1250, BEST 1250 S and BEST 960 S.

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Additional information

Max. cutting height

125 mm

Max. cutting width

865 x 20 h mm

Min. cutting width

770 x 125 h mm

Max. cutting width for ripping

1150 mm

Cutting height at 45 °

0 – 80 mm

Min. and Max. cutting width at 45° (right)

565 – 615 mm

Min. and Max. cutting width at 45° (left)

350 – 425 mm

Height of blade from working bench

0 – 45 mm

Blade diameter

400 mm

Blade Bore Diameter

30 mm


HP / KW 4/3 RPM 2800

Working bench dimensions

1970 x 1285 mm

Diameter of dust collection nozzle on blade guard

60 mm

Diameter of dust collection nozzle on rear hood

100 mm

Overall dimensions of full-assembled machine and net weight

1970 x 1740 x h 1720 mm / 298 Kg

Dimensions of packed machine and gross weight

1500 x 1000 x h 770 mm – 311 KgKg

Dimensions and gross weight - HALF ASSEMBLED MACHINE

1700 x 1250 x h 1190 mm – 368 Kg

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