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Imet BS 400 GH Autocut Bandsaw

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Introducing the Imet BS 400 GH Bandsaw

The Imet BS 400 GH Bandsaw is a versatile gravity saw, easy to use and equipped with an autonomous descent system. It is an ideal tool for maintenance cutting and for small and medium series production both in mechanics and carpentry. The machine can cut up to 45° on the right and up to 60° on the left.
Key Features:
  • Wide Working Area: The BS 400 GH features a wide working area with a rotating surface integral with the arch to avoid incisions, mounted on a 460mm diameter roller bearing and preloaded thrust bearing.
  • Vice: Equipped with a vice on adjustable guides, sliding transversally to the work surface with quick approach.
  • Blade Guides: Blade guide pads with hard metal inserts and additional bearings for better blade alignment.
  • Selector: Features a selector for manual approach (fast or adjustable braked) or autonomous cutting with adjustable descent and stop by means of a microswitch at the end of the cut.
  • Blade Cleaning: Comes standard with a blade cleaning system by means of a motorized brush with nylon inserts, moved by the rotation of the driving pulley.
Why Choose the Imet BS 400 GH Bandsaw?
The Imet BS 400 GH Bandsaw is designed for reliability, efficiency, and high performance, making it an essential tool for professional workshops. Its robust construction and user-friendly features ensure that your cutting projects are completed with precision and ease.

Technical Specifications

Specification Details
Cutting Capacity at 0° Round: 310mm, Square: 280mm, Rectangular: 400x250mm
Cutting Capacity at 45° Left Round: 280mm, Square: 270mm, Rectangular: 300x220mm
Cutting Capacity at 45° Right Round: 280mm, Square: 270mm, Rectangular: 300x220mm
Cutting Capacity at 60° Left Round: 215mm, Square: 200mm, Rectangular: 200x200mm
Cutting Capacity at 0° for Full (C45) 250mm
Blade Motor 1.5/2.2 KW
Blade Motor with ESC Speed Variator 2.2 KW
Blade Speed 37-74 m/min
Blade Speed with ESC Speed Variator 18-110 m/min
Blade Size 4020x34x1.1mm
Height of the Work Surface 940mm
Weight 637kg
Dimensions 1530x1787x2240mm
  • Blade (Optional): The bimetal band saw blade has a high tension, 1900kg/cm2, with front adjustment and control microswitch. The blade motor has a power between 1.5/2.2 Kw which can increase up to 2.2 KW with the inverter speed variator.
  • Minimal Lubrication System (Optional): It is possible to request minimal lubrication for any machine which eliminates the dispersion of coolant typical in the use of emulsifiable oil. The life of the blade is not affected in any way.
  • Laser Ray (Optional): Assists in achieving precise cuts effortlessly.
  • Connection for Unloading Roller Table (Optional): Connection element for unloading side roller table. Complete with two rollers.
  • Roller Table for Loading/Unloading Side (Optional): Roller table compatible for both the loading side and the unloading side. Length 2m, load 700kg. First element.
  • Unloading Table with Digital Reading and Manual Positioning (Optional): Availability: 3m measurement length with 3 legs, max capacity 3000kg; 6m measurement length with 5 legs, max capacity 6000kg; 9m measurement length with 7 legs, max capacity 9000kg.
  • Unloading Table with Motorized and Programmable Length Stop (Optional): Unloading table with motorized length stop and selection of the lengths by means of a keyboard. Availability: 3m, max capacity 3000kg; 6m, max capacity 6000kg; 9m, max capacity 9000kg.
  • Pair of Vertical Steel Containment Rollers (Optional): Pair of vertical steel containment rollers. Max 2 pairs each 1.5m element.
  • Single Vertical Roller (Optional): Single vertical roller, height 250 mm, to prevent falls. Max capacity 2 each 1.5m.

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